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spattered / брызгать, разбрызгивать, расплескивать
splash, sprinkle, dabble, spritz, splatter, spatter
spray, splatter, sprinkle, spatter, squirt, strew
spill, slop, slop out, slop over, splatter, spatter
cover with drops or spots of something.
passing vehicles spattered his shoes and pants with mud
Various scorch marks and spattered blood let her know she had indeed missed something.
She watched as it spattered on the ground far below.
Checking them over, both were dirty and blood spattered but none of it theirs.
Light rain began to fall, but made no noise as it spattered on the sheer-plated roofs.
She coughed, her hand over her mouth and when she pulled it away, blood was spattered on it.
Blood spattered the walls when one of the younger men tried to defend the Inn and his family.
Although blood spattered the walls, the pillar of light still stood.
Dark drops spattered on the ground and she stilled.
This time blood spattered on his hand as he covered his mouth.
The rain spattered against the window.