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spatter / брызги, брызганье
имя существительное
spray, splash, splatter, spatter, spill, sputter
spatter, sprinkling, splash, sprinkle, spritz
splash, sprinkle, dabble, spritz, splatter, spatter
spray, splatter, sprinkle, spatter, squirt, strew
spill, slop, slop out, slop over, splatter, spatter
имя существительное
a spray or splash of something.
To control spatters and the residue of cooking fumes, the entire kitchen should be washed with a good degreaser at least once a week.
cover with drops or spots of something.
passing vehicles spattered his shoes and pants with mud
the sharp spatter of shots
A spatter of bullets told Hoffman of the attempted attack.
the sharp spatter of shots
there was a spatter of freckles over her nose
It was a breathable atmosphere but cold and wet, thanks to the spatter of rainfall against the canopy.
there was a spatter of freckles over her nose
she watched the raindrops spatter down
It glinted in the sunlight, sending a bright spatter of colour over the cement.
The blood spatter was even more horrible than before.
Anyway, there was a spatter of water just pouring off this lip.