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spate / поток, наплыв, излияние
имя существительное
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, spate
influx, flow, inflow, dissolve, inundation, spate
outpouring, effusion, outpour, gush, spate, issue
flood, deluge, inundation, floodwaters, overflow, spate
внезапный разлив реки
spill, overflow, spate
имя существительное
a large number of similar things or events appearing or occurring in quick succession.
a spate of attacks on travelers
a sudden flood in a river, especially one caused by heavy rains or melting snow.
As the river rapidly went into full spate , the ice blue turned chocolate brown and became unfishable.
Of the sudden spate of mother-daughter movies only one contains any real surprises
There's been a recent spate of intimidating text message cases brought up in court.
a spate of attacks on travelers
Emily the Labrador disappeared in London just hours after Britain learned of a spate of dog thefts up and down the country.
It sparked a spate of letters - so many that we've started a discussion group
The proposal follows a spate of food thefts from fridges around the College.
This autumn has seen a spate of high-profile full stops, marked by greatest-hits collections and line-up changes.
With greed left to take its course, a spate of scandals has erupted among foundations and charities.
A spate of viruses could force carriers to beef up their customer support staffs, which would drive up prices for all users.
a spate of attacks on holidaymakers