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sparse / редкий, разбросанный
имя прилагательное
rare, sparse, occasional, uncommon, infrequent, scarce
scattered, diffuse, straggling, strewn, sparse, rambling
имя прилагательное
thinly dispersed or scattered.
areas of sparse population
A surprisingly sparse paper trail offers only scattered clues on the obscure life of William Shakespeare, one of the world's most influential dramatists.
There are very few actors who could carry off this film, with its sparse dialogue and total absence of voiceover.
The homogenous and sparse population was replaced by the restless diversity, sprawl and cacophony of one of the fastest growing places in America.
I only use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my sparse eyebrows.
Costumes were sparse , with the only indicator of femininity for Helena and Hermia an occasional handbag.
William Shakespeare's life is somewhat of a mystery to scholars due to the fact that most information that is known is very scattered and sparse .
The houses were big and the population sparse because they were so spread-out.
There is nothing to warrant the supposition that the Bahamas ever had more than a very sparse aboriginal population.
For the earliest inhabitants of Southern France, practising a hunter-gatherer way of life, the natural resources were abundant and more than adequate for a sparse population.
Harmony Hills had a very sparse population; there were only a few thousand people in our community.