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sparky / спарки
Malgas was a humble but sparky man with a deep knowledge of nature who was proud of his San ancestry.
The woman leaning forward in the tea room of the Shelbourne Hotel to pour the photographer some tea is bright-eyed, sparky and enthusiastic.
Philip Osment's sparky translation briefly announces the content of each of the play's 13 episodes.
Always sparky company, his enthusiasm and generosity were unremitting, although he remained far from wealthy throughout his life.
The spry, sparky gent returned to his native Istanbul after a stint in the mid-1990s as director of the Centre for Curatorial Studies Museum at Bard College.
Streep has moved way beyond her reputation for mastery of wildly different accents, and is now enjoying a burst of sparky creativity in her fifties, typified by her energetic, mesmerising portrayal of these multiple personalities.
Impressed by his sparky presence, Llewellyn made him the star of his own series, The Naked Chef.
Mawdsley's production is flabby, and only highlights the play's creaky construction, but the cast are good value and make the most of the often sparky dialogue.