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sparkling / сверкающий, искрящийся, игристый
имя прилагательное
sparkling, glistening, brilliant, flashing, incandescent, resplendent
sparkling, scintillant
sparkling, fizzy
имя прилагательное
shining brightly with flashes of light.
her sparkling blue eyes
(of a drink) effervescent.
sparkling wine
shine brightly with flashes of light.
her earrings sparkled as she turned her head
be vivacious and witty.
after a glass of wine, she began to sparkle
There are many beautiful shots of a night sky with billions of brilliant stars sparkling .
Also, stock up on some regular or sparkling apple cider.
The sparkling wine is made by Ferrari - not the car manufacturer.
Sadly, Mutu ends a sparkling counter-attack with a limp shot.
The main method used to make lighter, fresher sparkling wines for immediate consumption or for mass-produced cheap sparkling wines is the Charmat method.
The camp greeted us with the surreal vision of a linen-covered dining table set on the bank, aglow in candlelight and sparkling crystal.
Perhaps a Virgin Mary, or some sparkling grape juice would be in order.
I don't imagine the conversation at the Guardian can be all that sparkling .
Satisfy your thirst with flavored, sparkling , carbonated or bottled water.
The taste of the fermented tea is very pleasant, being reminiscent of light, sparkling wine or sweet Most (pear juice).