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spank / шлепок
имя существительное
slap, smack, swat, spank, pat, flap
быстро бежать
bound, spank
хлопать ладонью
шлепать ладонью
имя существительное
a slap with one's open hand, especially on the buttocks.
The last spank made her yelp like a mouse that was caught by an angry cat.
slap with one's open hand or a flat object, especially on the buttocks as a punishment.
she was spanked for spilling ink on the carpet
The last spank made her yelp like a mouse that was caught by an angry cat.
I'm gonna spank you one at a time until you've learned your lesson.
I think Dad's going to try to spank her with his belt again, but she didn't do anything to deserve it, really.
The parents can't spank these thugs because they would be in jail.
when his father caught him he got a spank
Both the mothers frequently use abusive language and spank their children.
He used to spank them with the belt, but we both did that, because it was acceptable.
He brought me home with the belt, spanking me when I went.
I know that I wouldn't be comfortable spending a lot of time with someone who spanks their children or is frequently angry with them.
While Katherine was spanked on occasion, the punishment that she feared most was psychological - making Katherine feel guilty or worthless for her mistakes.