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spangle / блестка, стеклярус
имя существительное
paillette, spangle
bugle, spangle, beading
украшать блестками
покрывать блестками
shine, glisten, glitter, sparkle, glint, spangle
имя существительное
a small thin piece of glittering material, typically used in quantity to ornament a dress; a sequin.
A galaxy of spangles and silver coins glitters across each back.
cover with spangles or other small sparkling objects.
a spangled Christmas doll
Dignity is overrated, especially when surrounded by so much spangle and sequin.
You will need two tissues: one to wipe your eyes, and one to mop up the spangle .
He turned the image, held it six inches from my face while I examined the spangle of reflected light.
Let's face it, even ignoring the lyrics, it's a spangly , sparkly pink feather boa of a song.
People sitting in the big top were in trances, distracted by the cracking of peanut hulls and dazzled by spangled spandex wardrobes.
Her gown was black, spangled with diamonds, giving it the appearance of the sky on a clear night.
The cape and gloves were spangled with purple glitter, as were his jester shoes and the headband of his hat, both of which had sparkling amethysts dangling from their ends instead of the usual bells.
It is a spangly piece of tuneful easy listening, a record unashamed of a simple chorus and a driving rhythm.
It's a traditional, in-your-face, spangly panto and a fabulous family night out!
And the costumes: They can't have too many spangles .