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spall / обломок, осколок
имя существительное
chip, fragment, piece, stump, splinter, spall
splinter, fragment, chip, fraction, shatter, spall
fraction, crush, divide, kibble, granulate, spall
break up, break, divide, split, smash, spall
broach, trim, square, dress, tool, spall
имя существительное
a splinter or chip, especially of rock.
Any cracks, chips, holes, dips or spalls should be repaired in order to achieve a flat surface.
break (ore, rock, stone, or concrete) into smaller pieces, especially in preparation for sorting.
A previous owner had applied a sealant to these walls, trapping water inside that had rusted the rebar and caused the blocks to crack and spall .
cracks below the surface cause slabs of material to spall off
cracks below the surface cause slabs of material to spall off
For protection against mines the vehicle is fitted with a floor spall liner and 18 mm armour plate in the floor.
Water that freezes in a roof tile can cause the material to spall or crack.
A spall liner and mine protection carpet are installed to minimise the secondary effects of armour penetration and mines.
He struggled up a steep grade, slipping on the loose spall .
The elongation of the well bore is the result of compressive shear failure on intersecting conjugate planes, which causes pieces of the borehole wall to spall off.
Though ornamented with beautiful huge rock-gripping bristlecones, the cliffs tend to spall off in big chunks and the ore body rock where the mine adits go clearly tends to cave in unless aggressively shored up.
Altar Q's stone legs are today badly spalled , for they also protected the monument's main block from the same destructive process of groundwater transpiration that left them wrecks.