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spacious / просторный, вместительный, обширный
имя прилагательное
spacious, roomy, ample, airy, spacey, wide
spacious, roomy, capacious
extensive, vast, large, broad, wide, spacious
имя прилагательное
(especially of a room or building) having ample space.
There are two other rooms on the ground floor, a shower room and a spacious store room.
Every room is spacious and has a bath and shower, air conditioning, satellite TV and safe.
It is a steel-framed building which provides light and spacious accommodation.
The cats are kept in a spacious room and are fed and cleaned every day.
We talk in his spacious office, which has views over the North Sea and a presentation fuel rod on the windowsill.
The rooms are spacious and the large windows should ensure a bright and open feeling.
It a bright and spacious room with white walls and large windows overlooking the garden.
The apartment was spacious and we made a number of good friends in the complex.
He led them to a large, spacious room with two couches, two loveseats, and two armchairs.
Off the kitchen is a utility area as well as a spacious room that is currently used as a bedroom.
The reception room is spacious , large enough to accommodate both a living and dining area.