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spacey / просторный, ошалевший, ошалелый
имя прилагательное
spacious, roomy, ample, airy, spacey, wide
spacey, woozy, spacy, zonked
spacy, woozy, spacey, zonked
имя прилагательное
out of touch with reality, as though high on drugs.
I remember babbling, high and spacey
There are also some gentle and spacey atmospheric pieces to offset the raging, jazzy rock that predominates.
Edinburgh's psychedelic guitar-noir noiseniks deliver a diverse range of trippy sounds and spacey pop on this, their fourth longplayer.
Then, the other day I was driving back to the office after taping my radio show, feeling a little tired and spacey but generally okay.
Stripped of its heavy rock guitars in favour of spacey drums, bass, and synthesised horns, the song's vitriolic verses guide us between a chorus that sounds even more like a football terrace anthem than it did eight years ago.
It flows with an enviable ease, featuring slow, bass-heavy beats accompanied by spacey keyboard combinations and soulful, funky guitar chords.
Covering the underrated early period of the band, the sounds are spacey , spacious and determinedly sprawling.
The first song starts with a spacey , slow, swing groove on a bass and guitar ostinato and breaks into a medium swing feel with fairly static harmony.
It has a simple, hypnotic riff repeated over a wide-open, reverbed-out rhythm section, topped off by some woozy synth strings for a pleasingly spacey effect.
For better or worse, such earthly signposts work to ground the music's spacey ambience.
The music became spacey and the vocals are like a child whispering cynical nothings in your ear.