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spaceship / космический корабль, космический летательный аппарат
имя существительное
космический корабль
spacecraft, spaceship, space vehicle, ship, interstellar spaceship, aerospace vehicle
космический летательный аппарат
spacecraft, spaceship
имя существительное
a spacecraft, especially one controlled by a crew.
He wants a fleet of spaceships , capable of carrying at least five people each, to fly jet-setters into the edge of space.
Above our heads an enormous spaceship blasts off into a star-filled sky.
This means that the spaceship orbits slower than it would if the Moon wasn't there.
In other words, if we were to launch a spaceship from Earth and fly in as straight a line as possible, we could find ourselves returning home.
The shuttle's three main engines continue burning to carry the spaceship into orbit.
We do not just need bigger and better rockets and spaceships in order to set up space colonies on the Moon or Mars.
How do you spend your down time - in other words, what do you do when you're not getting spaceships out to other planets?
I play videogames in order to do things that I could never do in real life, like flying spaceships , grappling with monsters, or skateboard standing up.
During the show's first few years, minimal scientific research went into the spaceships and weapons that fascinated children.
Only instead of traveling in boats to cross the oceans and reach far away lands they use spaceships to reach far away planets and meet strange cultures.
When I was a television journalist here in town, I did the news the night that one of the Apollo spaceships was circling the earth.