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spaceman / космонавт, астронавт, пришелец с другой планеты
имя существительное
cosmonaut, astronaut, spaceman
astronaut, spaceman
пришелец с другой планеты
имя существительное
a male astronaut.
The spacemen , two Russians and one American, have now arrived safely in orbit following their 7:06 am lift off, and will orbit the planet for two days before reaching the ISS.
The elegant sci-fi tale describes a spaceman who returns to Earth after 80 years having only aged 10 minutes.
I remember a time as a child when I wanted to be a spaceman .
With the weightlessness, diving is the closest thing on Earth to being a spaceman .
It is thought that he was pretending to be a spaceman .
Africa's first spaceman , Mark Shuttleworth, was yesterday wished a good trip and decent weather by Deputy President Jacob Zuma, as the astronaut prepared to blast off next week.
Space Adventure fills the third level where visitors can meet a life size animatronic spaceman , discover the galaxy and learn all about man's adventures in space.
The would-be spaceman took his 37 ft-high Starchaser rocket to Stockport Grammar School to encourage youngsters to follow his lead and take up engineering.
The would-be spaceman has been ridiculed by the media, who branded his space ambitions as ‘suicidal’.
In addition to cleaning and tending to science projects, the joyriding spacemen spend time communicating with friends and family.
Somehow it has come to pass that a world public can listen to real spacemen live on air.