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spacefaring / космический
имя существительное
the action or activity of traveling in space.
the complications in spacefaring
Chinese fighter pilot turned spacefarer Yang Liwei, a 38-year old from the northeastern part of the country, orbited the Earth several times.
Mars is the critical test that will determine whether we become a spacefaring species or whether we continue to be limited to Earth.
They may also provide new insights to ensure the health, safety and performance of International Space Station crewmembers and future spacefarers on extended missions.
If you could be President for a day, and make one space policy decision to advance humanity's transformation out of the cradle of Earth and into a spacefaring society, what would it be?
In order to preserve our advantage as the leading spacefaring nation, we must ensure that we have a strategy to guarantee availability of the most crucial element of space power - our space professionals.
I am posting a $1,000 prize for the best article promoting human spacefaring that appeared in a print or web publication during this year.
As in other spacefaring nations, the question is often asked whether space exploration is worthwhile when there are contemporary terrestrial needs that must be addressed.
Today, to express a vision of a vigorous, spacefaring civilization, opening up the vast wealth of the solar system, is to invite ridicule and disbelieving laughter.
The United States and other major spacefaring nations have never signed, let alone ratified, the treaty.
While other spacefaring nations have promulgated their own standards for debris mitigation, there is, as of now, no international consensus position on this problem.