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spa / курорт, минеральный источник, курорт с минеральными водами
имя существительное
resort, spa, health resort
минеральный источник
spa, well
курорт с минеральными водами
spa, watering place, well
имя существительное
a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties.
Karlovy Vary is a spa town famous for its mineral waters and their medicinal qualities.
имя существительное
a small town in eastern Belgium, southeast of Liège; population 10,549 (2008). It has been celebrated since medieval times for the curative properties of its mineral springs.
But I balance my heavy workload with pampering treats like a facial or a massage or treatment at a spa once a month.
A European health spa and beauty salon are also available.
Just 20 minutes before some of the world's greatest cyclists were due in town Ilkley looked every inch the demure spa town it is.
The hotel caters for guests engaged in both work and pleasure, boasting a health spa with six treatment rooms and a fitness suite, as well as fully equipped conference facilities.
They lived in two rented apartments in Frankfurt and rented two others in the spa town of Baden-Baden, near the French border.
There are lots of other resorts on the lakeshore such as the medieval town of Malcesine, the vineyards-surrounded town of Bardolino, and the Roman spa town of Sirmione.
Historically, Bad Gastein is the spa town of Austria with emperors and other VIPs taking in treatment.
Head into the wooded foothills to Badenweiler, a spa town with that mix of classical gentility, raffishness and effusive horticulture that marks the better thermal spots.
Built on its reputation as a spa town, it now thrives on its connections with major cities, picturesque surroundings, and a reputation for good schools.
When Daniel Defoe toured England in the early 1720s he discovered many spa towns.