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sozzled / вдрызг пьяный, пьяный, надравшийся
имя прилагательное
вдрызг пьяный
smashed, sozzled
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, sozzled
loaded, sotted, soused, sozzly, sozzled, under-the-table
имя прилагательное
very drunk.
Uncle Brian's sozzled!
While riding through Kent, I suddenly realize that in my sozzled state, I'd forgotten my passport.
There can't be many better things than sitting in the middle of a crowd on a sunny day getting steadily sozzled .
Now here we were, sozzled , effortlessly riding above it all on the way to yet more beer.
It also means that seniors are scared to walk out after the pubs close because of sozzled youths acting funky, smashing shop windows, trashing the public loos, doing drugs in the bus shelter and so forth.
They only get sozzled when they've got something to celebrate.
But when they're serving shots of vodka at the equivalent of 33 pence a go, one is generally too sozzled to complain viciously.
The minister also joined us at the bar and got sozzled .
I intend to be continuously sozzled through Christmas.
Our champagne glasses were miraculously topped up at every opportunity and I'm so hopelessly out of practise at the heavy drinking lark now, that I was hopelessly sozzled by about 4pm.
At last there's more to Calais than sozzled British daytrippers lugging around crates of cheap plonk.