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sow / сеять, посеять, засеять
sow, seed, disseminate, inseminate, garble, seminate
имя существительное
pig, swine, hog, sow
имя существительное
an adult female pig, especially one that has farrowed.
A day before the sows are ready to farrow, the farrowing boxes are set up in the rooms.
a large block of metal (larger than a “pig”) made by smelting.
He said most of the stock is ingot, whereas more consumers prefer T-bar or sow .
plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth.
sow a thin layer of seeds on top
Bill and Madeline had even schooled the children in poses for various combinations of bears: a solo male, a sow with cubs.
To avoid future problems, make sure all seed trays are thoroughly cleaned before use, fill them with fresh, sterilised seed compost, sow the seeds thinly to prevent overcrowding and irrigate with mains water.
They serve to undermine social consciousness and sow political confusion.
If the sow has not eaten enough to sustain herself over the hibernation, the egg will not implant.
If you forgot to sow some seeds, young tender perennial plants can be bought, potted into individual containers and grown on.
So, never mind the fact that it's too late for plants, you can sow seeds in neat little rows now.
Or the collapse could all be part of a republican game plan to sow confusion among Unionists and reap the electoral rewards.
With wheat, for example, men tend to prepare the earth and sow the seed, while women and children do much of the weeding.
When you sow a seed or plant a tree, either the seed will germinate and the tree will grow, or they will die.
Many nurseries carry this plant, but it's not too late to sow a crop.