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soviet / советский
имя прилагательное
Soviet, red
имя существительное
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, tip
имя существительное
an elected local, district, or national council in the former Soviet Union.
Legislative power, for its part, was vested in the USSR Supreme Soviet and in the constituent soviets of the republics.
a citizen of the former Soviet Union.
Nor can we be said to have pure capitalism anymore than the Soviets had pure communism.
имя прилагательное
of or concerning the former Soviet Union.
Instead, Ivan's hero status affords him special privileges in Soviet society.
The Duma rejected all the principal demands of the soviet and expressed confidence in the police as the guardians of law and order.
Legislative powers belonged to the Supreme Soviet and its counterparts in the Union Republics.
The beach is deserted but for a stubborn few, and this Soviet edifice is now but a window to a bygone era.
Canada was a prime target for the Soviets because of its energy links to the U.S.
The Soviets reportedly found one of two black boxes, but released no details.
It is very hard to argue that the Soviets were given the credit they were due for their sacrifices and sheer heroism.
There are a host of displays, including radar technology and even Soviet equipment.
By mistake, an order from the Petrograd Soviet establishing its authority over the Petrograd garrison was sent to the whole army, with the result that officers had to consult local soldiers' soviets before giving orders.
During the detente era, the Soviets were careful not to give the West too much propaganda ammunition.
Yet Sovietization of Eastern Europe took place not during the 1930s Great Depression and fascist militarism, but during the post-war capitalist boom and deployment of comprehensive welfare states.