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sovereignty / суверенитет, суверенность, верховная власть
имя существительное
верховная власть
supreme power, sovereignty, sovereign power, supremacy, crown, overrule
имя существительное
supreme power or authority.
how can we hope to wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people?
national sovereignty
Consumer sovereignty meant the greatest freedom of choice for individuals via the widest provision of alternative broadcast goods.
For these reasons, many modern Austrian economists reject the doctrine of consumer sovereignty .
His life and his death taught all those that knew him of God's wisdom, grace, sovereignty and power.
Here was the judicial reconciliation of Parliamentary sovereignty with the supremacy of EC law.
A head of state must defend his or her country's sovereignty .
We no longer had sovereignty over our own credit, currency, and related banking affairs.
People have a right to sovereignty over their own bodies - even teenagers.
The Republic of Fiji Military Forces was established to defend the nation's territorial sovereignty .
Republican architecture became a proud symbol of Dominican sovereignty .