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southerner / южанин, житель Юга
имя существительное
southerner, southern, meridional, southron
житель Юга
southerner, southern
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of the south, especially of the southern US.
Some of the nine were native southerners ; others grew up in politically radical families from the North.
Do you dislike me because I talk like a southerner and listen to country music on occasion?
As a native southerner , I confess to a skewed view of ‘faith-based’ administration of social policies.
Was the system of tariffs more injurious to southerners than, say, an income tax or a property tax?
The Festival is coming, and with it legions of southerners clogging up Edinburgh's hippest restaurants and bars.
I'll give you southerners some credit on that front.
In the north people are rather more forthcoming, which southerners regard as being over-familiar and nosey.
The tendency of southerners to outnumber northerners in the army continued to the outbreak of civil war.
In the past six months, southerners have been voting with their feet.
The irony is acute: while many young locals flee the Highlands, many southerners see the area as the promised land.
In six years, southerners would be entitled to a referendum to determine whether they wanted to form their own state.