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southerly / южный
имя прилагательное
south, southern, southerly, austral, meridional
к югу
south, southward, southwards, southerly, southwardly
в южном направлении
south, to the south, southerly
имя прилагательное
in a southward position or direction.
the most southerly of the Greek islands
имя существительное
a wind blowing from the south.
Perhaps even more outstanding - because of the timing - were the snowfalls of 19 November 1992: virtually on the eve of summer, strong southerlies brought snow to many southern wheatbelt areas.
However he was called in the afternoon by his friends who said she had set off in a southerly direction.
The objects slowed at one point, and then sped back up heading in a southerly direction.
Three stones lie outside the circle to the north-east, the most southerly with possible ring-marks.
On Saturday morning we awake to strong southerly winds, thick low clouds and cold air.
As we flew in a southerly direction down the airway from Phoenix, passing Marana, the twilight was fading in the western sky across the desert.
Local anglers know the best day for good results is when a warm southerly or south westerly wind blows at speeds of about 10-15 miles per hour and with low cloud overhead.
If you were to ask me, I'd probably label it a nor'wester, and if pressed, suggest that there might be a southerly on the way.
As a result, regions to the east of a high-pressure center often have northerly winds bringing in relatively cold air while regions to the west have southerly winds bringing in relatively warm air.
The heavy rain and strong southerly winds in the morning made things very difficult for everyone, but thankfully around 11 a.m. the rain had cleared and the sun shone even though the wind persisted.
One light then moved quickly in a northerly direction while the other three moved quickly in a southerly direction and out of sight.