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southbound / направляющийся на юг
имя прилагательное
направляющийся на юг
имя прилагательное
traveling or leading toward the south.
southbound traffic
The other option suggests a two-way northbound tunnel from Eagle Creek while the existing highway becomes two lanes southbound .
The southbound carriageways of both roads remained unaffected.
A temporary road for southbound traffic has been built and a footpath put in place.
Marathon runners will take to Sukhumvit Highway southbound towards Sattahip before returning to the finish line.
The crash happened at 12.28 pm, close to the slip road of the junction on the southbound carriageway.
The truck mounted the central median during the incident, and could quite likely have ended up on the southbound carriageway with potentially catastrophic consequences.
At a later stage the southbound carriageway of the A361 will be closed.
Long traffic queues are already commonplace on both the southbound carriageway in Fife during the morning rush period and at South Queensferry in the evenings.
Two other vehicles, including a white car, were wedged beneath the trailer and one buckled vehicle, impossible to identify, was left lying across the road, blocking two lanes of the southbound carriageway.
Traffic came to a standstill when the one-foot wide pipe exploded at around 4am, forcing closure of the northbound carriage and lane two of the southbound carriageway.