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sourdough / закваска, старожил, сторожил
имя существительное
leaven, ferment, sourdough, yeast, emptyings, barm
sourdough, old-timer
имя существительное
leaven for making bread, consisting of fermenting dough, typically that left over from a previous batch.
Bread dough is made with high-protein flour, leavened with yeast or sourdough , and kneaded with water to develop the gluten, yielding a characteristic spongy appearance and chewy texture.
an experienced prospector in the western US or Canada; an old-timer.
It is a land of sourdoughs and cheechacos - the first, the veridical Alaskans, who sport gruff beards, wear carhartts, and fed the yeast in their dough (hence their names) straight since the gold rush of 1907.
First up was the pea soup with quail egg and chervil; next came the warm tartlet of baby leeks, lamb's lettuce and summer truffles; this was followed by foie gras and toasted sourdough .
But sit them on a piece of sourdough , with new potato salad, crème fraîche and plenty of seasoning, and they are fantastic.
Even sourdough , rye and pumpernickel are often actually colored and flavored white-flour breads.
If you don't care for whole-wheat bread, sourdough is a good alternative because it's also sturdy and naturally low in fat.
Also an organic farm, it produces cheddar cheese from its own chemical-tree milk, and makes sourdough bread from organically grown grain, leavened with natural sourdough .
Derek had made grilled cheese on his signature sourdough and vegetable stir-fry with carrots, broccoli, parsnips and burdock!
Grill the sourdough slices on both sides, and rub one side lightly with the garlic.
The bread basket had a few slices of a tan sourdough and a two little twin loafs of a wonderfully crusty, narrow bread whose air pockets even seemed to carry flavor.
And she ordered the same thing every week: tuna on sourdough , a garden salad abundant with sliced tomatoes, and a cup of black coffee with a few ice cubes on the side.
If your loaf is a true San Francisco-style sourdough then all the better.