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source / источник, исток, начало
имя существительное
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, wellspring
source, rise, headspring, effluent
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, source
имя существительное
a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.
mackerel is a good source of fish oil
obtain from a particular source.
each type of coffee is sourced from one country
He was also convinced that this lake contained the source of the River Nile, for which explorers had been searching for years.
The trip back to the main highway follows the Buller River from its source at Lake Rotoiti to Kawatiri Junction.
Mercury concentrates in large fish at the top of the food chain, but these fish are not used as the source of most fish oil.
Newsgroups are one of the least expensive and most efficient ways to source information about Papua from the internet.
Lying at the head of the beautiful Eden Valley, the source of the River Eden can be found in the Mallerstang Valley to the south east of the town.
Well, many of the foods you eat contain carbohydrates, which are used by your body as a source of energy.
mackerel is a good source of fish oil
Neither the source of the Missouri River nor the Shoshones had been found.
Each of the millions of cars in the United States is potentially a source of air pollution.
my job is to source funding