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sour / кислый, прокисший, угрюмый
имя прилагательное
sour, acidic, acid, tart, vinegary, acidy
sour, musty, foxy, turned
sullen, gloomy, morose, surly, moody, sour
имя существительное
кислый раствор
turn sour, sour
sour, turn sour, change
sour, turn sour, change
имя прилагательное
having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar.
she sampled the wine and found it was sour
feeling or expressing resentment, disappointment, or anger.
she was quite a different woman from the sour, bored creature I had known
(of soil) deficient in lime and usually dank.
Our soil is on the sour side and lays wet in spots, as the old-timers say.
(of petroleum or natural gas) containing a relatively high sulfur content.
This risked individuals working on the platform being exposed to the toxic gas, hydrogen sulphide and excessive quantities of sour gas being allowed into the atmosphere.
make or become sour.
water soured with tamarind
имя существительное
a drink made by mixing an alcoholic beverage with lemon juice or lime juice.
a rum sour
The air was stagnant with the heavy, sour smell of beer.
And so I do a double taste test to see if it's the tonic water or the lemons that's making the drink taste really sour , since it surely can't be the gin.
The book also ends on a sour note, which is to say it doesn't go quite as far as it should.
A musty aroma of hunter's stew filled her nostrils, and the sour smell of soggy, rotten straw was almost unbearable all of a sudden.
I'll be watching y'all with an amaretto sour in one hand and a remote control in the other.
The lager and cigarettes had left a sour taste in his mouth though.
It smelled of sweat, sour and rancid, and the muzzle slid against my right temple.
It was grayish and easy to break apart; feathery to the touch and had a sour smell to it.
Payton could still smell the sour smoke coming from the severed wires.
"Yeah, whatever, " I replied, suddenly in a sour mood.