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soup / суп, похлебка, нитроглицерин
имя существительное
soup, broth, bisque, bouillon, bisk
soup, pottage, broth, slumgullion, mess
nitroglycerine, soup, blasting oil
повышать мощность
увеличивать скорость
rev up, accelerate, soup up, force the pace, soup
имя существительное
a liquid dish, typically made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables, etc., in stock or water.
a bowl of tomato soup
a substance or mixture perceived to resemble soup in appearance or consistency.
the waves and the water beyond have become a thick brown soup
nitroglycerine or gelignite, especially as used for safecracking.
increase the power and efficiency of an engine or other machine.
One owner claims to have souped his machine up to 1.067GHz with a simple flip of a few resistors on the new machine's motherboard.
There was an intense debate about the chemical soup emitted by the many pulp mills in Europe and North America.
Smoke from factories, gasoline fumes from automobiles and poisonous chemical gases combine to form a pernicious soup in the air.
I had crispy chicken with thick noodle soup and mum had seafood with noodles.
the waves and the water beyond have become a thick brown soup
we had to soup up the show for the new venue
Nick's soup was a rich brown colour and had a full-bodied mushroom flavour.
a bowl of tomato soup
It could be the chemical soup surrounding the cells, not the cells themselves, that's at fault in aging.
the waves and the water beyond have become a thick brown soup
I passed plunging gorges, streams in spate, riverbanks ripped open, fields flooded, a brown soup drowning the track.