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soulmate / родственная душа
имя существительное
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.
The chance you'll meet your soulmate in high school is next to none.
He's my soulmate , my best friend and nothing surprises me about him.
She has always been there for him in many roles - friend, confidante, soulmate and lover.
She was my best friend and my soulmate , but I couldn't understand her and I couldn't understand my feelings for her.
I recently got a call from a friend saying my soulmate was looking for me.
He was my buddy, my love, my soulmate , we were a great team.
These types of soulmate are your closest friends or a person whom you really click with.
For example, if we wish for a soulmate and focus only on ourselves and our partner there will be a great risk of picking the wrong person.
More soulmate than partner, he has been as central to her existence as any human being could be.
And as it turned out, what I truly wanted was to be back with my baby, my best friend, my soulmate .