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soulless / бездушный
имя прилагательное
soulless, heartless, callous, inanimate, dead-hearted
имя прилагательное
(of a building, room, or other place) lacking character and individuality.
she found the apartment beautiful but soulless
I think I know what he is trying to say - that modern England is an increasingly soulless place without distinction from other places.
Well, it was the most soulless place I've ever been.
Sadly this defines the recent history of Bradford whereby a once-bustling, thriving city has slipped into a dreadful, run-down, empty and soulless place in terminal decline.
Murrayfield can be a soulless place but when the national team performs as they did yesterday it fairly hums with emotion.
The commission has estimated the cost to local authorities of bogus or excessive compensation claims at £117m a year and say public spaces are becoming dreary, fun-free, soulless places.
It's the most soulless place I have ever been to - no atmosphere at all.
The Archbishop of York has condemned the Internet for ‘moving us towards a soulless society’ that will ‘reduce spiritualism and human intercourse’.
These out-of-town sites are soulless and can be seen all over the country.
I have found Brussels to be a soulless place, in which everything is closed in the evening.
What's left of the city appears nondescript and soulless , without any apparent centre or focal point.