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soul / душа, дух, человек
имя существительное
soul, spirit, heart, mind, psyche, inside
spirit, mind, ghost, soul, wind, esprit
man, person, human, individual, human being, soul
имя существительное
the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
It ignores all the empirical evidence for animal awareness while resting on an assumption for which there is no evidence: that human beings but no other animals possess immortal souls .
the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.
he was the soul of discretion
I have no doubt that I join all your readers with pity for the poor soul who can no longer get in and out of the bath and has to wash in the sink,.
brevity is the soul of wit
Listen to our music and you will hear elements of bluegrass and rock-a-billy through to soul , blues and rock.
His message is almost uniformly positive and personal: it is about the individual soul 's journey towards God, not any society's laws or customs.
The brothers had always been identical in appearance, but usually Pockets was a cheery soul and easy to identify by his smile.
At school I loved reggae and soul , one of my mates was a punk and lent me this record.
Here at last one might find rest from our too frenetic world, and stopping, learn something for one's soul .
One can only pity the poor soul who subjects herself to the media frenzy.
She sang them with heart and soul and with an intensity and passion that left many in the capacity audience emotionally drained.
Tony puts his heart and soul into every performance and he and the band delivered a fine ‘set’ for the appreciative supporters in Castlebar.