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sortie / вылет, вылазка, самолетовылет
имя существительное
radius, sortie, boom, gab
sortie, sally
имя существительное
an attack made by troops coming out from a position of defense.
Their sortie netted the two machineguns and eight prisoners.
come out from a defensive position to make an attack.
Oxford were struggling to find any rhythm, and threatened only when the ever-composed Nick Light sortied into opposing territory.
we'll soon know if they sortie
The benefit, he said, was not ‘worth putting pilots at risk,’ so flight operations were changed so that coalition aircraft would sortie in less risky areas.
The final sortie the following day almost wraps up the week with a hike between Point Sublime and Moustiers.
That means more weapons can be carried on a single sortie .
this latest book is the author's first sortie into non-fiction
From the kick-off, Sweden won possession and launched a sortie down the right.
Naas might have gone further ahead in the ninth minute when another sortie involving Andy Melville and Fitzgerald was stopped short.
I sortie out to the riverbed and the sentries, who stand like dull rods in the wind.
Among his pleasant memories of the club's first sortie into Division 1 was the opening win against Young Munster, and reaching the Senior Cup final.
an early-morning sortie into the garden of our hotel