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sorrel / щавель, кислица, гнедая лошадь
имя существительное
sorrel, dock
sorrel, codling
гнедая лошадь
sorrel, bay, chestnut
имя прилагательное
bay, chestnut, sorrel
ferruginous, puce, rufous, russet, sorrel, auburn
имя существительное
a European plant of the dock family, with arrow-shaped leaves that are used in salads and cooking for their acidic flavor.
Fagopyrum esculentum, a plant of the same family as rhubarb, sorrel , and dock, is grown for its seeds; these resemble those of cereals.
a horse with a light reddish-brown coat.
Like any event where you get a mixture of breeds, there were paints, sorrels , bays and palominos… almost anything you could want!
But the beauty of most edible plants - nettles, dandelions, alexanders, fat hen, sorrel - is that they are so prolific they are considered a nuisance.
I recognized the tribe's leader, Rowan, by his sorrel hair and flanks.
Gunn Eriksen had already been approached to write a book of her recipes, which use local produce and unexpected ingredients such as hawthorn, nettle and sorrel .
a sorrel mare with four white socks
Its simple to grow and is closely related to wild dock and sorrel , is classed as a vegetable but treated as a fruit.
Rhysa halted her big sorrel next to Myrean and her mount and looked out over the town.
When Custer and staff returned he ordered the saddle taken off his brown horse and put on his favorite sorrel .
He tipped his hat and accepted the reins of his sorrel mare from the stable boy.
While soil temperatures are still warm, fertilize leafy greens like spinach, corn salad & sorrel so that they have enough nutrients to take them through the fall.
He was cantering down the trail towards them, his bald-faced sorrel kicking up dust.