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sorghum / сорго
имя существительное
sorghum, sorgo, sorgho, durra
имя существительное
a widely cultivated cereal native to warm regions of the Old World. It is a major source of grain and of feed for livestock.
They also eat grains such as Chinese sorghum , corn, millet, oats, and buckwheat.
Greenbugs feed on a variety of grass crops, including wheat, oats, barley, rye and sorghum .
Most producers will opt for a spring planted crop such as corn, grain sorghum , proso millet, or sunflower.
Brewing materials such as maize, sorghum and finger millet were in abundance in the area but were now being ferried to a neighbouring country.
The major agricultural products are wheat, rice, barley, corn, sorghum , sugarcane, potatoes, and fruits.
The most common foods are beans, corn, peas, millet, sorghum , cassava, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
These grains include sorghum , soybeans, rice, corn, buckwheat and others.
The staple foods of the Hutu include beans, corn, millet, sorghum , sweet potatoes, and cassava.
Their main meals consist of a heavy porridge made of flour from such grains as millet, sorghum , or corn.
Most, but not all, top producers no-till grain sorghum into wheat stubble and soybean stubble.
Avoid planting corn or grain sorghum immediately adjacent to infested wheat fields.