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sorcerer / колдун, волшебник, чародей
имя существительное
witch, sorcerer, wizard, warlock, necromancer, exorcist
wizard, magician, sorcerer, mage, enchanter, charmer
magician, sorcerer, wizard, fascinator, enchanter, conjurer
имя существительное
a person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard.
Zombies are dead bodies with no souls, created by the black magic of voodoo sorcerers .
He doesn't describe himself as a magician, a sorcerer , a psychic or indeed any of the labels that carry occult baggage.
When Siegfried saw Odile, he was instantly drawn to her, for the sorcerer was working his magic.
The sacrifice had nothing to do with death, but more or less the converting of a white sorcerer or sorceress into a black one.
Yes - even the powerful, light sorceresses and sorcerers have slight openings in their spells.
There was so much that people didn't know about magic, even the sorcerers themselves.
He was one of an elite class of sorcerers with very select powers.
But Wagner's music casts a spell infinitely more seductive than those wielded by his motley collection of wizards and sorcerers .
A novel about sorcerers and wizards is slowly gaining popularity among adult readers in the city.
A band of strong wizards and sorcerers , including myself, started a meeting.
But how could he have, for he knew it was forbidden for a white wizard to make contact with a black sorcerer or sorcerers .