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soprano / сопрано, дискант
имя существительное
soprano, treble, descant, canto
treble, soprano, descant
имя существительное
the highest of the four standard singing voices.
a piece composed for soprano, flute, and continuo
soprano solo
If performers desired a keyboard accompaniment to a Bradbury arrangement, one could be improvised using the soprano and bass voices as the basis for appropriate harmonies.
It's yet another great pop song, despite the fact that the sound of a soprano sax gets me sawing off my shotguns and studying my Catcher in the Rye every time.
a good soprano voice
The music was fun and in that situation I liked singing soprano better than singing alto, although I do love the inner harmonies, too.
But before the last movement of the symphony, a solo for soprano , Mahler's musical realisation of a child's view of heaven, he discreetly opens his score.
The younger is an alto but everyone makes her sing soprano .
He visited Rome and Naples where he made contact with a number of singers, including the soprano Anna Strada who would become his leading lady.
The sound of Kenny G's soprano sax filled every corner of the room.
Why Mozart composed the motet for Rauzzini and not a female soprano is not known.