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sopping / мокрый, насквозь промокший
имя прилагательное
wet, dripping, soggy, sloppy, sopping, soppy
насквозь промокший
sopping, soppy, drenched to the bone
имя прилагательное
saturated with liquid; wet through.
get those sopping clothes off
They were both sopping wet when Kevin finally reached her, but he saw that Amy had been crying.
The entire room was soaking and sopping wet when we entered.
He was flat on his back, sopping wet but not in the shower.
The floor where his feet had been was sopping wet, covered in dead pine needles.
They were both sopping wet and they looked like they had come out of someone's apartment or something, but I couldn't think of who they knew well enough, down that way.
He examined us closer, nodding in understanding when he noticed that we were both sopping wet.
I sat in the bathroom, staring at my reflection as I brushed my sopping wet hair.
He looked down again; his sopping wet hair shadowed his face.
Suna and Astrid began stripping off her sopping wet clothes, as the others prepared her bath.
He took one look at their sopping clothes, the chunks of food all over them and the general dishevelment of their appearance before laughing.