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soporific / снотворное, наркотик
имя существительное
hypnotic, sleeping pill, soporific, dormitive, somnifacient, sleeping draft
drug, narcotic, dope, stuff, opiate, soporific
имя прилагательное
soporific, narcotic, sleepy, somnolent, somniferous, soporiferous
hypnotic, soporific, somnolent, dormitive, somnifacient, somniferous
narcotic, drug, opiate, soporific, dopey, dopy
имя прилагательное
tending to induce drowsiness or sleep.
the motion of the train had a somewhat soporific effect
имя существительное
a drug or other agent that induces sleep.
The meal was light - perhaps eggs and a posset (hot milk fortified with sugar, spices, eggs, and wine, brandy, or ale, and on one notable occasion with additional soporifics by Lady Macbeth).
Fort's colourful and amusing prose meanders through picturesque towns and sleepy villages where soporific suppers are served.
No matter what your allegiances - we need a contest of ideas at the next election - and we look like we will get a contest of the soporific , idea-less and boring.
The Chancellor has overseen low interest rates, high employment and financial stability for several years, a soporific success story.
If you've been to Fiji, you've probably been talked into a bowl of kava, a soporific drink made out of the crushed roots of a local shrub and traditionally drunk with coconut cups.
It was used not just for their edification, but also - at least until not too long ago - as a soporific .
We are sitting through a multitude of soporific briefings.
Thinking of a love spell in terms of a chemical or mechanical soporific is missing the point, from my perspective.
But when she read and when she lectured, it sounded like some soporific narration from the Discovery Channel.
Prayer was always something of a soporific for her; she prayed at night in bed but was usually asleep long before she said ‘Amen.’
In this it resembles a political speech, written to lull, and, by its soporific cadence and vocabulary, to allow the listener to intuit whatever the hell she wants.