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soothing / успокаивающий, успокоительный, смягчающий
имя прилагательное
calming, soothing, sedative, tranquilizing, restful, anodyne
soothing, restful, sedative, depressant, tranquilizing, reposeful
emollient, extenuating, soothing, palliative, relaxing, alleviative
имя прилагательное
having a gently calming effect.
she put on some soothing music
gently calm (a person or their feelings).
a shot of brandy might soothe his nerves
And the fountains burbling in the background are very soothing .
This garlic bouillon was classically made the day after a fête, being excellent for hangovers as well as soothing for convalescents.
Red, for example, is the most dramatic colour in the spectrum and alerts and excites, whereas pink is gentle and soothing .
Raw, fresh cabbage juice is very soothing to the stomach and can even help ulcers.
Nothing, you think, could be more soothing than a warm spring day in a peaceful city.
The lush green of post monsoons was soothing to the eyes.
They are very soothing to play with in traffic jams.
The flavour here is deliberately mild and soothing .
' Teething powders ' found in pharmacies are homeopathic Chamomilla 3X granules, which can be very soothing for grizzly babies.
The pace is slow, relaxed, unhurried and soothing .