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soot / сажа, копоть
имя существительное
soot, carbon black, smut, grime, smoke-black
soot, smoke
покрывать сажей
имя существительное
a black powdery or flaky substance consisting largely of amorphous carbon, produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter.
Diesel particulate matter consists of soot mixed with anything from volatile organic compounds to sulphur and nitrous oxides.
cover or clog (something) with soot.
The tremendous heat has consumed all vegetation, destabilized ground areas, sooted the work environment and caused burned trees to become unsafe.
Because it is a lot cheaper to reduce soot emissions than to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
If the wine smelt of soot , hot tarmac or burnt rubber, you knew it was a South African.
Their hairs are a bit singed and their faces are black from soot .
We were constantly faced with black soot falling on the grass, on our houses.
The major pollutant in the area is particulates - tiny particles of dust or soot which get lodged in people's lungs and can damage health.
The gas supply to my apartment block has been cut off, and the tap water is black with soot and dirt, but otherwise everything is normal.
The ring had black soot on it, but one thing was clear, and that was a glistening amethyst crystal in the center.
Black was carbon, obtained from soot or charcoal, which had to be mixed with size to make it compatible with the fresco technique.
What impact, if any, does soot and black carbon from fires have on the glaciers of Kilimanjaro?
But equipment operators still face the problems of determining what is behind the layer of black char and soot on the stem.