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soon / скоро, вскоре, быстро
soon, fast, quickly, quick, before long, anon
soon, shortly, before long, presently, anon, by and by
fast, quickly, quick, prompt, swift, soon
in or after a short time.
everyone will soon know the truth
used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter.
I'd just as soon Tim did it
Hutton will be wrapping up his inquiry soon and the report will be out shortly afterwards.
Go the other way and you will soon arrive on one of the fabulous southern beaches.
They argued that if they would have to fight the ban they would prefer to start as soon as possible.
That was one of those race days I'd just as soon forget.
I would as soon die as suffer that.
he'll be home soon
it was too soon to know
With all rear seats in place, the boot is quite small but soon transforms into a vast cavern.
It has novelty value but that will soon wear off once the menu options are exhausted.
they arrived soon after 7:30