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sonny / сынок
имя существительное
son, sonny, sonnie, junior
имя существительное
used by an older person as a familiar form of address to a young boy.
You run along, sonny , and keep those thoughts to yourself.
Gonzo smiled to himself, ‘I'm usually the one who calls people sonny .’
The Stern company has been making pinball machines in Illinois since before you were around, sonny , and they still do today.
And I knew from the tone of his voice, what he meant was, ‘if you're thinking of nicking a copy of Fiesta you better think again sonny .’
You run along, sonny , and keep those thoughts to yourself.
Anyway, just as we were leaving the Moor, their attention was diverted just long enough for a lovely couple to come up to me and say, ‘Here, sonny , would you like this goldfish?’
And all he said was, with teasing smile - but he was dead serious, ‘It's sir to you, sonny .’
look, sonny, that's all I can tell you
‘That means nothing here, sonny ,’ hospital staff overheard a desk nurse say to the Australian Federal Police officer who had demanded they be allowed to pass.
You're in America now, sonny , so get your apple-bobbing face on.
Lay a finger on grandma's pocket book, sonny , and you can kiss your political career goodbye.