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songster / певец, сборник песен, певун
имя существительное
singer, bard, minstrel, vocalist, songster, troubadour
сборник песен
имя существительное
a person who sings, especially fluently and skillfully.
Shelley was no idle songster , singing for singing's sake.
Local label Trees Music has recently re-released Hodood to coincide with the Mongolian songster 's upcoming Taiwan gig set.
Shelley was no idle songster , singing for singing's sake.
Comedian / songster Tom Lehrer didn't know the half of it.
In a current exhibition Pop - The Continuing Influence of Popular Culture on Contemporary Art - the centre has been showing off works by Mr Warhol as well as songster John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono.
It was called reggae, and its principal international songster , Bob Marley, wasted little time in getting to the political point.
Cole manifests everything that is regal and rich about the art of performance, both as an instrumentalist and songster .
Another strange fact is that this beautiful songster is in decline all over Europe.
I knew a lot of birds the songster was not, and I had narrowed down it to one of two possibilities, both southern birds that were not often encountered in Mass., especially on the Cape.
Rocker Tony Wright, the chart-topping songster of the ex-band Terrorvision, is back on the road again with a batch of new tunes - all inspired by his spell as a dry stone waller.
The packed programme started shortly after 8 pm with Edwards, who shot to fame in the 1980s, making a special appearance together with local songster Indar Kanhai.