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songbird / певчая птица, певунья
имя существительное
певчая птица
songbird, warbler, bluebird, singer, songster
имя существительное
a bird with a musical song.
Only a few shorebirds linger now, and our songbirds are rapidly deserting us for more productive feeding areas to the south.
a perching bird of an advanced group distinguished by having the muscles of the syrinx attached to the bronchial semirings; an oscine passerine.
Passeriformes is divided into two suborders; most of these birds are Passerii, oscine songbirds .
a female singer.
the title track is the kind of tune any Nashville songbird could do
In the late '60s, Sparro had been a folky four-octave songbird with a cult following, not that any of his albums ever charted.
The Black-capped Chickadee, a resident cavity-nesting songbird , is known to breed in fragmented and otherwise disturbed habitats.
Bolton Hospice Lottery is officially launched by Bolton songbird Hannah Morris, and a very special grandmother.
A recent study of a North American songbird , the Red-eyed Vireo, provides some support for this hypothesis.
And Zambian music fans have shown just how popular the songbird Angela Nyirenda has continued to be.
Take the case of the coastal California gnatcatcher, a diminutive, grayish blue songbird with a home range limited to coastal southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico.
Anything to avoid another night listening to Jennifer's account of how she catalogued every songbird in Ambridge on the website that day.
These results provide experimental confirmation that conspecific attraction occurs in at least one territorial songbird .
the title track is the kind of tune any Nashville songbird could do
I could also kick myself for not getting to NHK Hall for the concert by super songbird Sarah Brightman.