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song / песня, пение, романс
имя существительное
song, canto, chanson, glee, air, descant
singing, song, sing, pipe, canto, anthem
romance, song
имя существительное
a short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung.
Many households bought parlour pianos and needed music and songs to play and sing.
But, neither of us was making any success with anything until Tae-Hyun broke into song .
Usually early migrants, the first ouzel's song echoes round the hills and the first birds fall prey to merlins and peregrines.
It used to be, even in pop music, that you sang a song of heartache to get it off your mind, to share with others so maybe you wouldn't hurt so much.
This bird has a beautiful trilling song , but it is not delivered in the fall.
Hooligans are not reformed by Mozart, so much as driven away by a noise that is as alien and hostile to their world as whale song to a camel herd.
Barn swallow song consists of sequences of various song types organized in bouts.
The song of the poet himself will reanimate the memory of Troy and rescue it from the dark tombs.
The Winter Wren is a tiny woodland bird whose song is as elaborate as its plumage is drab.
The birds were in full song in the trees, busily making nests or feeding young.
The idea for the book first came about when Mildred wrote a short song with the title words in it.