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somnolent / снотворный, сонный, дремлющий
имя прилагательное
hypnotic, soporific, somnolent, dormitive, somnifacient, somniferous
sleepy, drowsy, somnolent, dozy, heavy, slumberous
dormant, dozing, somnolent, drowsy, dozy
soporific, narcotic, sleepy, somnolent, somniferous, soporiferous
lulling, somnolent
имя прилагательное
sleepy; drowsy.
My thesaurus lists all these unattractive equivalents indolent, somnolent , lumpish, torpid, slack, lax, good-for-nothing… and so on.
Chad Dimpler will be pleased, even if currently somnolent .
Along with his haywire fringe of Brillo pad hair, Wright's somnolent nasal drone is the single most recognizable thing about him.
Most of his waking moments were spent rushing to the aid of his somnolent colleagues.
The poem turns out to be notable as much for its spirited adoption of the early twentieth-century's fascination with somnolent states as for a subtle differentiation from the era's norms.
While the Committee was looking at the strange electoral role practices of the family of the somnolent Queensland backbencher, he seemed to have something different to say.
By her somnolent expression he could see she was still tired.
Compared to the somnolent and soporific gentility of late nineteenth-century verse, the poetry produced by American writers in the twentieth-century displays a remarkable dynamism.
No one - except perhaps a few civil servants - can imagine returning to the somnolent politics of the past.
An hour later her powerful fingers have done the trick and I am feeling immensely relaxed and deeply somnolent .
Our visit was late summer early autumn, and the garden was somnolent rather than sumptuous.