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somewhere / где-то, где-нибудь, куда-то
somewhere, someplace
somewhere, anywhere, someplace
in or to some place.
I've seen you somewhere before
some unspecified place.
in search of somewhere to live
On a normal day somewhere between thirty and a hundred messages come in on the FAQ line.
It means we will have had three years of rock bottom increases somewhere around the rate of inflation.
He didn't know what her real name was, but he knew she had to be somewhere around fifteen or sixteen.
it cost somewhere around two thousand dollars
We like the pub, it is somewhere people of our age can go without fear of trouble and John will keep it like that.
I've seen you somewhere before
A jukebox somewhere through the throng of people was playing an old Johnny Cash compilation.
Once the game leaves this world, it is heading for somewhere dark and depressing.
Harry looked at me in despair, sighed, and wandered off to find somewhere quiet in the study to doze in safety.
Even though the story came in these little bites, there was always a sense that the story was going somewhere .