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somewhat / отчасти, до некоторой степени
partly, part, somewhat, some, sort of, in some measure
до некоторой степени
to some extent, somewhat, some, in some measure, rather, partly
некоторая часть
something, somewhat
something, somewhat
to a moderate extent or by a moderate amount.
matters have improved somewhat since then
a somewhat thicker book
He looks a bit like a courier, somewhat out of place in the opulent surroundings.
The claim to universalism is undone somewhat when at least half the world seems to be against you.
Matters were getting somewhat out of hand with those native to the city finding it hard to get a house.
A somewhat younger Robert can be seen in the arms of his mother on the far right.
Are we saying that every woman has to look like a model or her worth is somewhat less?
Following the link took me to a page somewhat like this, which was all rather scary to say the least.
I was somewhat angry for what she said to me and my mother has always been able to do that.
The handbrake looks very out of place and somewhat flimsy compared to the rest of the interior.
matters have improved somewhat since then