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someway / как-нибудь, каким-то образом
anyhow, anyway, somehow, someway, someways
каким-то образом
someway, someways, somewise
in some way or manner; by some means.
we've got to make money someway
Always, you can count on Clemens somehow, someway getting the job done.
Somehow, someway , I have to find a way out and up into the sunlight again.
But somehow someway he would mess up and Jason would be there to take him down.
Somehow, someway , he kept hard charging until he found me and sent Claudia my address.
I stayed there looking at myself just thinking of nothing, trying to escape someway somehow.
But I could not give the impression that we were someway condoning it.
The white tiger had been killed someway but she couldn't remember how.
I did not want to anger him and I wanted to make it up to him, somehow, someway .
Otherwise, you end up playing them to get money together someway or other, in order to manage to play the finals.
She loved to play with the dolphins, and usually escaped from Marina's wrath someway or another to visit them.