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sometimes / иногда, временами
sometimes, occasionally, at times, on occasion, once, betweentimes
at times, sometimes, from time to time
occasionally, rather than all of the time.
sometimes I want to do things on my own
The game of football is a strange one, sometimes you don't play well and you still get a win.
He has discovered that life in Bolton can sometimes be awkward as a wheelchair user.
I do eat a lot of Quorn and beans and spinach and eggs, but sometimes it is hard to eat a balanced diet.
It can seem impossible to get a handle on this vast and sometimes unforgiving region.
The way he acts sometimes , one wonders if he has had any experience of a real lady.
he was sometimes late
Men were sometimes summoned during the night and they took it in turns to work on Sundays.
Do you think that sometimes the attitudes of a small town can fuel talent as well as suppress it?
There must have been a side to him that sometimes got very down, but I never saw that.
Getting up early is not my natural inclination but does pay off sometimes for the light.