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sometime / некогда, прежде, когда-нибудь
once, at one time, in former times, sometime, erstwhile, erst
formerly, hitherto, heretofore, aforetime, erstwhile, sometime
some time, some day, sometime, some day or other, some time or other, one of these fine days
имя прилагательное
former, ex, old, onetime, late, sometime
former, old, prior, erstwhile, last, sometime
at some unspecified or unknown time.
you must come and have supper sometime
имя прилагательное
the sometime editor of the paper
a sometime contributor
Thanks to Senor G., a sometime contributor to it, here's the Shark Tank.
A Bill is expected to be brought to the House sometime next year.
I think there may be a cinema trip to Manchester sometime in my future…
From that involvement he segued to the film industry and worked as a writer, assistant director, editor and sometime actor.
I will improve it sometime in the future… when I get a little more time.
The sometime City skipper has been dropped to the bench following the midweek arrival of winger Kieron Durkan from Macclesfield on a month's loan.
Afterwards they went upstairs to use Holly's computer and the two girls left Red House Gardens sometime after 5.35 pm.
James, who is based in NYC, built a house in Galway sometime ago and spends as much time possible there, where he has a number of horses.
However, by the time the bank sells shares to international investors sometime next year, the price tag could rise much higher.
Let's hope they manage to get to the US at some stage, but more importantly get to the UK sometime soon…