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someplace / где-нибудь, где-либо, где-то
somewhere, anywhere, someplace
somewhere, anywhere, someplace
somewhere, someplace
If people want to get rid of their pet, I need to try and find someplace for it to go.
You just start down this road and hope you end up someplace better than where you started.
Maybe there are one or two more in the woodwork someplace , threatening to come forward.
I don't know if Smith was able to get the information and hide it someplace or not.
Never, ever, make an appointment when you need to be someplace else later on in the day.
They know that to be poor in America is a lot better than being poor someplace else.
I pull out the other directions in the stack and they lead to someplace else on the beach.
What you don't want to do is go swimming at night or someplace where there are alligators.
It's a great place for me to perform and I wanted to do it in someplace other than San Francisco.
The expert put down the bottle gingerly and looked for someplace to wipe his fingers.